Products inspired by nature for nature


Who we are

Our target are plants and the obtainment of various derived products. We are specialists in the production of essential oils, hydrolates and plant extracts. And this is precisely where our Pharmaplant® brand comes from.

It is through the trust that we place in our network of local producers, that we can guarantee a high-quality raw material, a fundamental condition to obtain selected products.

We see R&D as an essential path, focusing on innovation and sustainability. Therefore, we count on several scientific partners in the areas of Biotechnology and Natural Products. This has allowed us to develop consulting projects for the launch of new products, process optimization and quality control, with a wide range of customers.

We believe in the multidimensional nature of quality and accuracy, through our Biological Certification, HACCP and ISO 9001. Pharmaplant® is a brand of Dandlen Bioscience Lda, a company based in Alcoutim and a spin-off from the University of Algarve.

Our Vision

We value the environment, the natural resources and their sustainability, and we see innovation as an essential mean of growth and competitiveness and as a strategy for the desertification of the “Serra do Algarve”.

At Pharmaplant we believe in the “Serra”, in the plants, but also in the people of the Algarve. This combination, together with our passion for science, is what moves us daily.